French fries and heartbreak.

You buy me french fries and i dont forget to thank you
I ask if its wrong that i wish i could feel that way
Like questions the man sings on the radio
You try to help me understand why he’s got nothing left to say

We find that empty parking lots are perfect spots to sit and talk
When the hour turns late, but im not ready to go home
We always say we’ll win the lottery and runaway from this worn out place
Escape to California freedom

I Let my hair blow out the window
Its in my eyes I can barely see
The stars are unusually bright
or Maybe
the sky is just darker than most nights
All at once, I dont feel anything

We talk along a fragile line
That separates us from what we’ve left behind
My recklessness i say i rarely let myself regret
I feel numb when i think about it
You say you dont need a girl
To find happiness in this world
Tell me this, your own truth
You tell me ill be happy too
This is all there is
And I can’t help it when I’m sad
But its not so bad



Through my fingers
Each moment
I’ve held so close
Almost to my lips
Still, it never fails
The moments escape through my hands
Like trying to scoop water from a river
And drink, before it drains back into the rush
I guess I am not so good at that
I too, am torn
Unknowing if you feel the air
Draw you into me
When we sit together
As I do with you
Unknowing if I should turn back now
My curiosity finds your adventure quite worth the risk
Your gaze is hazy, though, and hard to read
I do not own many books
But a persons eyes
I find quite simple
Unable to hide its secrets
Exposing everything at once
But yours
Are a bit more complex
I think we complicate things
I come closer
I stay up, involuntary
I still can’t forget how you looked at me.