Me losing you lost me.

It’s hard to get a hold on it
I’ve tried to get a grip
I cannot keep these flashes of
our love
from shining their lights on my thoughts

I always jump to conclude that I
wasn’t enough
to keep you satisfied
I’ll shamefully admit now
that frankly, you were always on my mind
and before I became tangled within yours
our composition was the only kind we’d
ever like to sing

and words dont bring much justice
to the colors in your eyes
and tears dont bring much comfort
when I’ve nothing to cry, for
i could feel our stars had long crossed
it’s too bad the lovers in our story would be lost
still I hear things that you said to me
on the night of see you later,
they replay in my head
that burning heartbreak that I’ll keep safe for I
can’t seem to get a hold on it
for all i want to hold is you

for all i want to hold is you.






I miss those blue walls
Sometimes not at all
And those blue eyes
We could watch the ceiling all night
In those purgatory hours between midnight and the morning.

Yet I feel everything
What a tragic time to be young
And writing sad, sad rhymes
I think maybe writing could help.

French fries and heartbreak.

You buy me french fries and i dont forget to thank you
I ask if its wrong that i wish i could feel that way
Like questions the man sings on the radio
You try to help me understand why he’s got nothing left to say

We find that empty parking lots are perfect spots to sit and talk
When the hour turns late, but im not ready to go home
We always say we’ll win the lottery and runaway from this worn out place
Escape to California freedom

I Let my hair blow out the window
Its in my eyes I can barely see
The stars are unusually bright
or Maybe
the sky is just darker than most nights
All at once, I dont feel anything

We talk along a fragile line
That separates us from what we’ve left behind
My recklessness i say i rarely let myself regret
I feel numb when i think about it
You say you dont need a girl
To find happiness in this world
Tell me this, your own truth
You tell me ill be happy too
This is all there is
And I can’t help it when I’m sad
But its not so bad


When my mother tells me I am a waste
Or I think about my grandmothers face
I’m afraid that I’ll get stuck in this place
My soul is so tired.