Me losing you lost me.

It’s hard to get a hold on it
I’ve tried to get a grip
I cannot keep these flashes of
our love
from shining their lights on my thoughts

I always jump to conclude that I
wasn’t enough
to keep you satisfied
I’ll shamefully admit now
that frankly, you were always on my mind
and before I became tangled within yours
our composition was the only kind we’d
ever like to sing

and words dont bring much justice
to the colors in your eyes
and tears dont bring much comfort
when I’ve nothing to cry, for
i could feel our stars had long crossed
it’s too bad the lovers in our story would be lost
still I hear things that you said to me
on the night of see you later,
they replay in my head
that burning heartbreak that I’ll keep safe for I
can’t seem to get a hold on it
for all i want to hold is you

for all i want to hold is you.