Summertime Noise

summer time noise
walking the streets
with this summer time choice
in the back of my head
its knocking politely
but i get distracted
we suddenly run
run for our lives
the running was fun
on the cracked and withered pavement

from the top of the hill
looking out over the buildings
we stand side by side
catch bursts of pretty fire in the sky
and hurry down to get a much better look

inside the building
on the third floor the kids
they play music, we hear from the bottom of the stairs
racing with curiosity
come to the door and see
those kids are growing up
theyre dancing
and falling in love
this summer time noise is too much

and with a loud explosion
everyone will turn their attention
and stare with their eyes , with their wonder
as the fire light takes them all under
the windows were tall
no windows at all
summer time noise

last rocket goodbyes
blast offs, closed eyes
But this flare wont end with bang
It’s fire just fades into
the unknown, as I begin to
Make one last weary eyed exchange


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