Indeed, cameras.

I find him
In the most interesting places, now
My head replaying memories
A bit like scenes from a movie
I close my eyes
And the projector winds
The reel clicks and ticks
And the memory plays
My eyelids like blank screens
I picture the inside of my head
Lined with rows of red folding chairs
I am alone in there
And it’s dark
But the light from the moving picture comforts me
So I’m not afraid
There I sit
Among 50 empty seats
Watching my life
Playback before me
I wish my eyes were cameras
Then I could capture every moment I wished to save
Lock it away somewhere in the depths of my mind
Safe from others
Unworthy to share in the importance of this moment
The beauty of it
There he is again
Taking my hands to help me up
Locking his eyes into my
Then looking away too quickly
for a clear shot
Of those big wide oceans
Which hold more mystery
Than the earth’s watery abyss
Indeed, it is
Indeed, it is.


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