Lights Out

Something in music
There is something in music
That multiplies
It creates relevance
Between two people

In a room
It draws curiosity
It reminds the soul
Of all things felt
Which were most important

While they both sing
Tattered lyrics
The world seems simple
Us, separate from the danger of thought
The danger of humanity
Separated by a mere glass wall
Yet feeling safe

Not so secret doors
Feel like unknown passageways
Leading to a place of their own
Different now in the quiet night
People staring as they pass the window

For now, reality
Existing, only as you and I
In this empty space
We move instead of feel
But they are one in the same
Sharing small bits of ourselves
Seemingly unimportant
Our thoughts drain unto the music
Speaking of nothing
Yet, everything
we all fall down
As if we were children again
Something about innocence
Anticipating the moment
When the lights might go out
And leave us in darkness
For once,
I was not so afraid.


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