I have had several dreams now, pertaining to this particular subject. I am rather curious about it. But then, at the most inconvenient times, I remember that I am responsible for a particular heart. A heart that I still hold close, to protect it from outlying harm. Yet, I am fully aware that I’m probably the most dangerous to it. The mystery of my curious subject turns cold and bitter in my palms. My own heart twists and contorts. It contradicts its own measures. Wishing to explore, free from this burden I carry. A burden that had once been a crutch for my own injuries. Still, I wander a little too close to the line which separates “don’t think, just do” and “what the hell are you thinking”. My heart grows impatient with me, and I with it. Stuck in a stalemate, we wait for each other to make a move. Both with a strong urge to risk everything, yet unwilling to discover the forthcoming of our intuition.


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